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Grey and red Brahmin bulls from Lancefield

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Lancefield  will be conducting a Tartrus and Lancefield Brahman Sale on October 27, 2008. The sale will be held at Gracemere. At present, Lancefield has sires which include Lancefield Significant 9159, Lancefield Kalahari 9125, Lancefield Kinsman Manso 8950, Lancefield Succession 8395, Lancefield Mason Manso 7167, Lancefield Duke Manso 2168, Lancefield Rugby 9392, Lancefield Coby 8930, Lancefield Jed 9693, JDH Sir Reno Manso 761, JDH Mr Manso 537, JDH Briscoe Manso 151, JDH Baxter Manso 33 and JDH Federation Manso 76.

Lancefield conducted a private bull sale on Friday 13 June 2008. A diverse range of bulls were displayed for sale. Bulls included Lancefield D Dunkirk 3120/D (AI) (ET) (H), Lancefield D Dennison 3121/D (AI) (ET) (H), lancefield M Massey 1525/M (AI) (H), Lancefield M Instructor 1749/M (H), lancefield M Iceberg 1599/M (H), Lancefield M Headturner 1589/M (H), Lancefield M Equal 1513/M (H), Lancefield M Danzibar 1590/M (H), lancefield M Pentecost 1717/M (H), Lancefield M Lowry 1551/M (P), Lancefield M Railings 1738/M (H), lancefield M Red Lord 1577/M (H) and Lancefield m rogerson 1580/M (H). All bulls were registered grey and red cattle.

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