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Agrispread Linkage Belt Spreaders from Landaco Equipment: The Latest in Spreading Technology

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Landaco Equipment introduces a new line of 3-point linkage belt spreaders with the versatility to spread all types of material.

The Agrispread linkage belt spreaders are designed to allow farmers to spread a much wider range of products with unbeatable performance and manoeuvrability.

Landaco Agrispread is the ideal low maintenance linkage spreader designed to spread the full range of materials available for farming requirements from the lightest granulates, powders and manures to the heavier gypsum and damp lime.

Agrispread linkage models are available in the 1500, 2000 and 3000 series. Some of the products handled by Landaco Agrispread include lime, gypsum, urea, super, cow manure, chicken litter, MAP, DAP, dolomite and seeds.

Agrispread linkage belt spreaders are available with a ground drive unit. The conveyor is driven by a rubber tyre, which hydraulically engages and disengages with the tractor’s rear wheel.

The drive has a multi-position frame that will allow the drive system to match up to different tractor tyres and axle positions. The ground drive unit gives the operator the benefit of selecting and changing speeds to suit the terrain without affecting the application rate.

The ground drive unit can easily be seen from the tractor cabin ensuring that the application is executed consistently and proportionally to ground speed.

The Agrispread features an 800mm wide continuous cleated PVC conveyor and is fitted with a proven positive belt drive system with no chains or moving parts exposed to the elements.

The mechanical drive system is sealed, grease-packed and enclosed to keep it clean and virtually maintenance-free.

The conveyor drive is hydraulically controlled on and off, with the belt stopping as soon as the ground-drive unit is disengaged.

The cleated conveyor eliminates the need for agitation, so the products being spread are metered evenly without grinding or crushing.

Agrispread linkage belt spreaders feature heavy-duty twin 700mm diameter hydraulic spinners with high efficiency casting vanes as standard for full and even spreading.  

The recommended spinner RPM range is 500-850rpm. The removable spinner assembly allows the spreader to be used for feeding grain, laying gravel on roads, distributing material in rows or simply shifting material between locations.

With the spinner assembly removed, the spreader can be readily fitted with optional grain augers, feeding chutes and side delivery conveyors.

Key benefits of Agrispread linkage belt spreaders

  • Compact design for greater manoeuvrability and ground clearance
  • Proven belt feed system spreads a wide range of materials evenly
  • Ground drive for proportional application
  • Adjustable spinner speeds help vary spread widths to suit requirements
  • Single quick-set door for simple-to-select application rate
  • Wider spread for all materials with lesser fuel, passes and compaction
  • Easy selection of application rate and calibration with the Agrispread Excel-based quick set calibration program

Key benefits of Landaco Agrispread linkage belt spreaders

  • Robust folded section chassis for stability and long working life
  • Drive roller is crowned and taper-locked to shaft for continuous drive
  • Tracking rollers are self cleaning and automatically maintain correct working line for conveyors
  • Top quality cleated PVC, 800mm continuous belt conveyors
  • Large 700mm twin spinners with advanced design vanes for wide and even spreading patterns
  • Conveyor drive with fully enclosed chain reduction
  • Rear door of 700mm x 200mm with a quick set door latch for fast setting and accurate free flow of material
  • Removable spinner assembly allows controlled dumping, trail laying and attachment of additional equipment such as augers and conveyors
  • Higher visibility with the viewing window to increase operator awareness of low material level
  • Options:
    • Hydraulic over-drive
    • Drip line applicators
    • Side chutes
    • Tarpaulin and ridge pole
    • Foam markers (single or double)
    • Seed and trace element dispensers
    • Electronic field and material monitors
    • Electronic weight scales

All Landaco Agrispread linkage belt spreaders are covered by a 12-month warranty..

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