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Trailing spreaders from Landaco Equipment

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Landaco Equipment  offers a wide range of trailing and truck mount spreaders which includes tractor drawn spreaders, Agrispread linkage spreaders, second hand equipment, spreader options and muck spreaders.

Landaco Equipment offers a range of tractor drawn spreaders to spread all types of materials. Tractor drawn spreaders are available from 2.5 tonnes to 25 tonnes. Landaco Agrispread and Maxispread bulk spreaders have versatile modular designs and can be easily transformed from a basic spreader into dual piece equipment. Agrispread and Maxispread effectively spread lime, gypsum, urea, super, cow manure, chicken litter, crusher dust, cotton trash, dap, map, dolomite and seed. Bulk spreaders are designed to spread a complete range of materials from the lightest granulates, powders and manures to the heavier gypsum and wet lime. Bulk spreaders can also be customised to spread other materials.

Landaco Equipment offers a large range of spreader accessories such as foam markers, seed and trace element dispensers, ladders, tarpaulins, ridge poles, monitors and controllers, unloading grain augers and precision lime applicators. Landaco Equipment offers a range of bunning lowlander spreaders and slurry tankers which are heavy duty equipment yet have simple designs. Lowlander spreaders and slurry tankers range from 7.5 to 30 tonnes.

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