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Cows and bulls from Landfall Angus

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Landfall Angus  specialises in breeding Angus bulls and cows. Landfall Angus conducted an autumn sale on 14th April, 2008. The sale began in the afternoon. Approximately 97 bulls and 200 cows were displayed for sale. The bulls were tested for semen and BVD. All cows from Landfall Angus were performance recorded. Landfall Angus offered an opportunity to prospective buyers to restock their studs with quality bulls and cows.

The Landfall RenaissanCe B239 bull from Landfall Angus is an appealing sire with a unique set of EBVs. The bull has good temperament and shows plenty of growth. The bull’s pedigree includes quality donor cows. Landfall Theo B122 bull is another easy doing bull with moderate birth and good growth traits. The bull was produced from great bloodlines with GT Max and Te Mania Sheen on the paternal and maternal sides respectively.

Landfall New Design B144 bull from Landfall Angus shows good body length, depth and thickness. The bull has good temperament and was one of the heaviest bulls in the 2008 year sale. The bull is a higher EMA scanning sire from the spring drop and produces high value calves.

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