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Performance recorded bulls from Landfall Angus

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Landfall Angus  will be conducting a spring 2008 sale on Thursday, 18th September, 2008. Landfall Angus held an autumn sale on 14th April, 2008 when the Landfall Connection B240 bull was displayed. The bull has a good set of EBVs with low birth weight and high growth potential. The bull was noted for its good carcase merit and high B3 index.

Landfall Angus was awarded the Certificate of Excellence for Best Overall Conformance, from the period of January to June 2007. Landfall Angus also won a number of awards at the CAAB event in April 2007, including the Best Overall Performance award.

Landfall Angus aims to produce superior genetics to provide sound business investments for its clients. In its 30th Annual Autumn sale, Landfall Angus offered about 97 performance recorded bulls as compared to last year's 80 bulls. In addition to this, Landfall Angus also offered 200 females. All bulls are easy doing, structurally sound and display good thickness and high performance. Landfall Angus places importance on the fertility rate of its herd to produce quality and commercially viable cattle.

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