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Laserlight & Fasteners Pty Ltd  offers a wide range of laser levels for agricultural and construction industries.  

When conducting surveys, the laser level is affixed to a tripod, levelled and then spun to illuminate a horizontal plane. The laser levels work by projecting a beam about a rotating head with a mirror for sweeping the laser beam around a vertical axis.  

Where the mirror is not self levelling, the laser levels will have visually readable level vials and screws for orienting the projector, which can be adjusted manually. Laser levels include a staff, which is to be carried by the operator and is equipped with a movable sensor that can detect the laser beam.  

When the sensor is in line with the beam, it will give an audible signal. Laser levels also allow the user to make a comparison between different elevations on the terrain.  

A wide range of laser levels is available from Laserlight & Fasteners and their expertise also extends to laser servicing, laser hire and repairs for all types of laser levels.  

Laserlight & Fasteners offers high quality control standards and peace of mind. A certificate of assurance is provided at no cost with all laser levels repaired and serviced by the company.  

Additionally, laser levels can be collected from the site for servicing and calibration.

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