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Cows and bulls from Laucke-Merrina Poll Herefords

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Laucke-Merrina Poll Herefords  specialises in breeding cattle such as cows and bulls and currently has 200 to 220 cows. Laucke-Merrina Poll Herefords was established in 1972 and is located 100 kilometres North East of Adelaide. In 2002, Laucke-Merrina Poll Herefords purchased a new property which is situated in Bangham, South Australia. Laucke-Merrina Poll Herefords moves its livestock to and fro according to seasonal conditions. This strategy also helps in producing large number of cows and bulls.

Laucke-Merrina Poll Herefords’ cattle have access to both paddock and supplementary feeds to develop their full growth potential. Laucke-Merrina Poll Herefords’ continuously monitors its cattle food intake to produce quality cattle. Laucke-Merrina Poll Herefords employs controlled feeding method and regularly weighs its bulls to avoid overfeeding.

Laucke-Merrina Poll Herefords’ heifers do not receive any supplementary feed and are solely raised on the paddock feed. Laucke-Merrina Poll Herefords’ promotes healthy weight gain in its cattle to promote better growth and muscle development, which in turn will be profitable to the clients. Laucke-Merrina Poll Hereford carefully chooses its replacement females based on their fertility; ease of calving, structural soundness and above average growth rates.

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