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Biological farming programmes from LawrieCo

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LawrieCo  offers a range of biological products such as fertilisers, soil conditioners and inoculants. LawrieCo has also developed biological farming programmes for the farmers that integrate key products into soil, foliar, seed or residue digestion applications. LawrieCo was established in 1998 to improve farming techniques by enhancing soil and crop output and to reduce chemical usage.

LawrieCo provides advice on biological inputs in a variety of customised programmes to assist soil and plant improvement for all types of crop and animal production. Biological farming programmes are aimed to improve soil, plant and animal health conditions and to reduce environmental stress, disease and pests to a great extent. To assist and simplify biological farming, LawrieCo conducts annual conferences and seasonal on-farm workshops in many regions.

LawrieCo provides a comprehensive range of soil and plant testing services and recommendations which includes soil testing, tissue testing and pasture, feed minerals and value testing, trace elements testing, ideal levels, recommended programme for foliar and amendments, soil physical test, soil pH, EC, temperature, moisture, water infiltration, depth and compaction, graph presentation, plant SAP test and soil biology and VAM test.

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