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Fertilisers and soil conditioners from LawrieCo

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LawrieCo  offers biological products such as animal health, dry mineral fertilisers, liquid fertilisers, seed treatments, books and DVDs. BioLogic Stock Lick from LawrieCo is a solid non-toxic stock supplement which contains calcium, amino acids and chelated nutrients. The stock supplement also combines fulvic acid, kelp and molasses to complement livestock diets. LawrieCo was founded in 1998 to improve farming techniques by enhancing soil and crop output and to minimise chemical usage.

LawrieCo offers a range of dry mineral fertilisers which includes BioLogic Blend, Organic Humates, Soft Rock Phosphate and Nutri-Store 180. BioLogic Blend is a soil conditioner and base for LawrieCo's prescription blends, while Organic Humates are bulk humates which contains 35 to 45 percent humate content. Soft Rock Phosphate is a colloidal phosphorus source, while Nutri-Store 180 is a soil conditioner and fertiliser which can be used for horticulture and home gardening use.

LawrieCo offers a range of liquid fertilisers which contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, fulvic acid and natural bio-stimulants for premium crops. BioLogic WaterBuff is yet another soil conditioner and fertiliser that uses all natural ingredients and microbial technology to enhance water uptake. LawrieCo also offers BioLogic SureCrop VAM which is a biological seed dressing product.

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