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Angus cattle breeds from Lawsons Angus

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Lawsons Angus  specialises in breeding Angus bulls. Lawsons Angus commenced its operations in about 1970. Lawsons Angus has been specifically established for promoting and standardising the breeding techniques of Angus bulls. These bulls are continually assessed for determining the genetic value. Lawsons Angus sold the first Angus bull in 1971.

Angus breed of cattle, developed by Lawsons Angus, comprises of various attributes including sound functional features, high growth and fertility rates. These cattle also possess high carcass quality and generally bred under commercial conditions. Lawsons Angus employs the Breedplan technique for producing Angus cattle with a diverse range of functional traits. This Breedplan breeding programme had been conducted by Lawsons Angus in 1985 and also enabled the development of high performance cattle.

Lawsons Angus increased its cattle herd from 300 performance recorded females in 1994 to about 2000 females. Lawsons Angus also employs Objective Breeding methodology for breeding cattle. This technique involves the assessment of estimated breeding values. Lawsons Angus uses these estimated breeding values for assessing the performance of different Angus bulls.

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