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Sheep equipment from Leader Products

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Leader Products  offers a diverse range of sheep equipment. The Leader Power Parer range of sheep equipment functions at pressure conditions ranging from 75psi to 100psi. This equipment consists of an air hose with length of about three metres. Power Parer has been specifically developed for minimising the burden of complex operations. Foot rot shears possess heavy duty construction along with several other features including high carbon steel blades and serrated blades. These blades can be removed with ease and also ensure to provide toughness and long lasting sharpness. Leader Products also supplies standard foot rot shears. This sheep equipment can be used for paring of sheep and goats. These foot rot shears have steel construction and double straight shears with size averaging to 228 millimetres.

Sheep immobilisers from Leader Products have been specifically developed for restraining sheep of different sizes. The use of sheep immobiliser eliminates the usage of bailing twine that can cause wool contamination as well as harm to the environment. Sheep immobilisers can be stored easily in a farm ute of pocket. These immobilisers have lightweight construction and resistant to diverse weather conditions.

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