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Chinese and green cabbage plants from Lefroy Valley

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Lefroy Valley  offers different varieties of cabbage plants. Lefroy Valley supplies green, red and Chinese cabbage plants. Green cabbage plants are available in varieties such as Beverly Hills, Landini, Viking, Burton and Stauncha. The Beverly Hills variety of cabbage plants have good field holding capacity in combination with other characteristic features such as flat round heads and bright blue green colours. This plant has a head weight that averages from three kilograms to four kilograms. The Beverly Hills plant variety from Lefroy Valley is suited for summer or autumn harvests.

Landini cabbage varieties possess good internal texture and are suitable for coleslaw processing. This cabbage variety has a round head that weighs about four to five kilograms. Landini variety from Lefroy Valley also possesses other attributes such as medium heat tolerance and resistance to Fusarium.

The Red Storm variety of red cabbage from Lefroy Valley has a deep bright red colour and good field holding ability. Other features include large size and a flat round head weighing about 2.5 kilograms to four kilograms. These plants can be harvested in warm and mild cool seasons. The Banjo variety of Chinese cabbage from Lefroy Valley has a weight of about 2.5 kilograms and high tolerance to cold conditions.

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