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Auto-steer functionality - Leica Geosystems offers QuickSteer motor for mojoRTK consoles

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Farmers who want to add auto-steer functionality to their older tractors have a new retrofit option with Leica Geosystems’ release of the Leica QuickSteer motor. The QuickSteer motor can be added to a wide range of agricultural vehicles that do not have factory-installed steering kits, thereby allowing the use of an auto-steer system.  

The QuickSteer motor is mounted on the vehicle’s steering column and turns the steering wheel via a friction contact wheel. The QuickSteer is designed to work with the Leica mojoRTK – with the option of a base station for high accuracy RTK auto-steer, or Dual Frequency Glide for 25cm pass-to-pass accuracy without a base station and with no signal subscription fees.  

“One challenge farmers face in implementing auto-steer solutions is the availability of components for retrofitting older equipment,” says Glenn Clark, business manager for Leica Geosystems’ Ag Group Asia Pacific. “We are working to solve that challenge by providing components such as the QuickSteer motor that farmers with older equipment require. While this motor doesn’t provide hydraulic-level accuracy, it does allow farmers with older equipment the opportunity to realize the efficiencies available through an auto-steer system.”  

Acting as a controller to the Leica QuickSteer, the Leica mojoRTK utilises direction assist technology and 9-axis terrain compensation to give more reliable line acquisition and on-ground performance in tough paddock conditions.

The Leica QuickSteer includes: 

  • QuickSteer motor (with an integrated CAN-Bus interface to reduce cab clutter) 
  • Universal mounting bracket to make installation quick and simple 
  • CAN cable 
  • Power cable 
  • A replacement contact wheel  
The Leica QuickSteer motor and Leica mojoRTK console are easy and quick to install. They can be moved between vehicles, allowing a single system to be used for every application. For example, if a farmer is using the mojoRTK system on a newer tractor with a factory-installed steering kit, but wants to also use the auto-steer system on an older machine, the QuickSteer motor is a simple, value for money retrofit solution for the older tractor.

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