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Leica Geosystems releases new Dual Frequency Glide auto-steer

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Leica Geosystems  have announced the release of a Dual Frequency Glide auto-steer option available on the mojoRTK console.  Dual Frequency Glide provides 25cm pass-to-pass accuracy with no subscription fees and no base station.  

With Dual Frequency Glide, customers can invest in hardware that’s 100% RTK ready and upgrade accuracy at any time by adding a correction signal from either a Leica base station or a CORS network.  Leica mojoRTK with Dual Frequency Glide retails for $14,990 and comes complete with Leica’s patented 9-axis terrain compensation, L1/L1L2 frequency and full steer kit compatibility.  

“Dual Frequency Glide is the perfect solution for farmers who are interested in reliable GPS auto-steer but want to save on capital costs,” says Glenn Clark, business manager Australia and New Zealand for Leica Geosystems Agriculture. “By investing in hardware that’s RTK-ready, customers can be assured of a clear upgrade path with no hidden charges or hardware changes.”  

Dual Frequency Glide is also available to existing mojoRTK customers as a software upgrade, which can be unlocked instantly via Virtual Wrench. This option gives users the flexibility of lower accuracy auto-steer for applications where RTK is less critical such as spraying or spreading, or when operating outside of a correction signal.  

“We think Australian farmers will see a lot of value in the Dual Frequency Glide option since there are no annual subscriptions and the console is completely upgradable to RTK accuracy – all you need is a correction signal via your own base station or a CORS network,” says Chris Slade, national sales manager for Leica Geosystems Agriculture.  

Leica’s remote service and support tool – Virtual Wrench – can be used with Dual Frequency Glide, allowing customers to get quick support in the field with a touch of a button. Virtual Wrench also allows users to add advanced guidance options and other software upgrades to their console.

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