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Trial of CORS network using the Leica mojoRTK auto-steer platform to provide RTK signal to farmers in South Australia

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Farmers in South Australia looking to adopt precision farming technology will be pleased to learn that Leica Geosystems has announced a large scale commercial trial using the Leica mojoRTK auto-steer platform on a new Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) network in South Australia. Working in conjunction with SmartNet, which operates CORS networks throughout North America and Europe, Leica Geosystems is helping to offer farm operators a more accurate, reliable and cost effective auto-steer solution.  

The Leica mojoRTK provides farmers with a reliable, affordable auto-steer system that’s easy to install and easy to operate. Modular software options allow you to add only the features you want and upgrade at any time via Virtual Wrench. Virtual Wrench is a unique service and support tool that can provide in-cab service at the touch of a button without the need to call out a service technician.  

Like the government-run GPSnet CORS network in neighbouring Victoria, the SmartNet Aus network consists of permanent base stations that communicate GPS/GNSS information via a central server, which in turn relays data out to individual systems, such as the Leica mojoRTK.  

Leica mojoRTK has a built-in NextG modem that allows it to connect directly to the CORS network and provide users with consistent, survey grade RTK accuracy regardless of distance from a base for more reliable auto-steer. With a CORS network there are no line of sight issues and no need to maintain your own base station.  

“There is currently a great deal of hype about RTK networks in the agricultural industry, however often these ‘networks’ consist of clusters of single point reference stations” says Glenn Clark, Leica Geosystems business manager for Australia and New Zealand. “These clusters give less consistency with accuracy declining the further the distance from a base station, in contrast to a true CORS network, where accuracy is maintained in all networked areas.”  

The SmartNet Aus CORS network trial in South Australia currently operates six bases and covers an area of more than 10,000sq km. It stretches from Adelaide in the south, to Crystal Brook in the north, Kadina in the west and Tanunda in the east.  

As the project continues, SmartNet Aus will establish further network bases in rural South Australia with commercial release of the network planned for later this year. As a privately owned, privately operated CORS network, Leica Geosystems is the only agricultural partner to make the service available to farmers in South Australia. Other industries to benefit from the SmartNet Aus network include surveying, civil engineering and councils – in short, anyone interested in consistent, high accuracy RTK correction.   

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with Leica Geosystems for the commercial trial of the SmartNet Aus CORS network in South Australia,” says Bob Morton, Director for SmartNet Aus in Australia. “Working alongside Leica Geosystems Ag Group in the roll-out of the network ensures farmers will get maximum benefit from this project, with high-grade RTK for all their auto-steering needs.”  

Following the successful introduction of the South Australian network, SmartNet Aus, Leica Geosystems and their Australian business partner CR Kennedy and Company are already looking to introduce a similar high quality RTK solution to other farming communities across Australia.

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