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Dolomite and gypsum fertilisers from LimePlus

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LimePlus  supply a wide range of organic and inorganic fertilisers to the pasture and agricultural sectors in Australia. LimePlus offer agricultural products to provide the amount of nutrients and to enhance the fertility of the soil. The fertilisers supplied by LimePlus include Dolomite, Phoso gypsum, poultry manure, recycled gypsum, feedlot manure and other blended organic fertilisers. Dolomites, from LimePlus, are similar to limestone and consist of calcium magnesium carbonate. Normally, it is noted that Dolomite contains 8 percent magnesium carbonate.

Gypsum, offered by LimePlus, are available in three different forms. These include natural, recycled and Phoso gypsum. Natural gypsum is a pure gypsite made from calcium sulphate. It comes with low amounts of cadmium. The calcium present helps in opening the soil and the sulphate removes the excess amount of sulphur and magnesium present. This process stabilises the structure of the soil and allows excess penetration of water to the soil profile. Recycled gypsum is a recycled gypboard that retains all the elements of natural gypsum. Phoso gypsum, offered by LimePlus, is a by-product that is obtained from the chemical fertiliser industry.

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