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Lime fertilisers from LimePlus

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LimePlus  specialise in offering a comprehensive range of lime fertilisers and soil balancing elements to agricultural lands and pastures. The soil nutrient products supplied by LimePlus include lime and dolomite, poultry, feedlot and pig manure, blended organic and inorganic fertilisers, crusher dust, natural, recycled and phoso gypsum and pre-digested organic phosphate block. The agricultural products are designed by LimePlus to provide essential nutrients and re-balance soils to ensure ongoing soil fertility. LimePlus offer bulk-spreading services of fertilisers to schools, turf farms, golf courses, racecourses, property developments, hobby farms and small acreage lands.

LimePlus offer agricultural products to correct the soil imbalance and to encourage the growth of plant. Lime from LimePlus are pulverised limestone and it act as soil conditioner. Lime play important role in rectifying the changes taking place in the soil. Lime helps in neutralising the acidity, replenishes humus and it is rich in calcium. Lime improves the efficiency of the fertiliser, assists in balancing the nutrients, influences the soil microorganisms, promotes decaying of organic matter, improves the livestock health and reduces the aluminium and manganese toxicities. The lime offered by LimePlus also improves the structure of the soil and promotes the activity of the worm.

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