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Poultry manures, crusher dust from LimePlus

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LimePlus  offer soil-balancing elements to provide essential nutrients, required to enhance soil fertility. Dolomite, phoso gypsum, poultry manure, recycled gypsum, feedlot manure, blended organic fertilisers, pig manure are some of the fertilisers offered by LimePlus to improve the fertility of soil. Poultry manure and feedlot manure consist of rich nutrient content. Other trace elements, too, are present in the poultry manure offered by LimePlus. The organic matter in these fertilisers helps in retaining nutrients and moisture in the soil.

The inorganic fertilisers from LimePlus include blended, straight and compound fertilisers. The compound fertilisers are products that have major nutrients such as MAP and DAP that are rich in phosphorous and nitrogen. The blended fertilisers, offered by LimePlus, are physical mixtures of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. The straight fertilisers are available with one type of micronutrient.

LimePlus also offer crusher dust. Crusher dust remains at quarries after blue metal rocks are crushed. The fine grit of the blue metal is 2mm in size. The crusher dust aerates the soil for increased and easy root growth. The crusher dust comes with high levels of pH that help in increasing the fertility.

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