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Bulls for sale from Limeric Limousin

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Limeric Limousin  offer bulls and donor cows for sale. Limeric Limousin offer a wide range of bulls to commercial stud producers through the process of artificial insemination. The bulls at Limeric Limousin include Limeric Tailor Axle, Limeric Tailor Alan, Limeric Tailor Austin, Limeric Tailor Anglo and Limeric Tailor Archie.

The Limeric Tailor Axle bull from Limeric Limousin had a birth weight of 1.6 kilograms. The 200 day and 400 day weight of the bull was +16 and +29 kilograms. The 600-day weight of the bull is +37 kilograms. The rib fat and rump fat of Limeric Tailor Axle was +0.4 millimetres. The eye muscle area is +0.7 square centimetres. The scrotal size of this bull is +0.5 centimetres. It had a retail beef yielding capacity of null percentage and the carcase weight is +23 kilograms.

Limeric Limousin offer Limeric Tailor Archie bull for sale. The Limeric Tailor Archie had a birth weight of +0.7 kilograms. The 200-day weight of the bull was +7 kilograms. The 400 and 600 day weight was +10 and +22 kilograms. The Limeric Tailor Archie bull comes with a carcase weight of +13 kilograms and eye muscle area was +1.0 square centimetres. The retail beef-yielding capacity of the bull was +0.2 percentage.

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