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Radio remote controls for hoists from Lindsell Hoists

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Lindsell Hoists  offer different types of radio remote controls. These radio remote controls have been specifically developed use with hoists. Radio remote controls from Lindsell Hoists comply with the Australian standards and incorporate features such as an easy to read pad, LED light, auto shutdown option and individually synchronised units.

Lindsell Hoists manufactures different models of tippers. These tippers are available in Do It Yourself (DIY) kits. These tipper kits comprise of various features such as independent frames, dual cylinders and field detachable hydraulic fittings. Tippers from Lindsell Hoists are capable of transfer onto updated vehicles. The dual cylinders have a total capacity ranging to about 1.2 tonnes. Tippers from Lindsell Hoists have been specifically designed to suit timber, aluminium and steel trays.

Hoists, designed by Lindsell Hoists, can be used for lifting items including generators, compressors, welders, fencing materials and drums, with a capacity of 44 gallons. These hoists operate with the aid of either 12 volt or 24 volt electric or hydraulic power units. Do It Yourself (DIY) hoist kits, from Lindsell Hoists, provide easy operation and minimal payload loss. These kits can be installed on any corner with ease and comprise of uniquely folded lightweight base.

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