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Rams from Lorelmo Poll Merino Stud win accolades

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Lorelmo Poll Merino Stud  is a premier stud that breeds Poll Merino rams of superior quality. Merino rams from Lorelmo Poll Merino Stud have been winners at many contests. These rams are as famous for their fine wool as for their progeny.

Lorelmo Poll Merino Stud was established in the early sixties by John Cordingley Sr. Lorelmo Poll Merino Stud now runs 3500 primarily poll Merinos and 5000 beef cattle of Angus Charolais breed.

John Cordingley Sr. started Lorelmo Poll Merino Stud with Merryville and Tasmanian bloodlines. In 1966, he introduced a single poll ram into the flock. After three decades, poll genetics started dominating the Lorelmo Poll Merino Stud.

Merinos from Lorelmo Poll Merino Stud have won many awards. In 1999, Lorelmo 910246 won the World’s Finest Ram Project. In January 2000, pure Lorelmo genetics fetched the highest average bid in NSW for on-property ram sale. In September 2001, pure Lorelmo genetics obtained the highest average price at the on-property ram sale in SA.

In 2000, wool sheared from the sheep also fetched notable average per-head prices.. Rams of the Wallaloo Park stud, sired by Lorelmo Poll Merino Stud rams, also fetched high prices. A Wallaloo Park ram sired by Lorelmo 970442 was sold for the highest price in the Victorian on-property ram price category.

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