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Rotary drum pumps and oil pumps from Lube Assist

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Lube Assist  offers lubricants for various machines. In addition to lubricants, equipment like rotary oil pumps, hi flow rotary drum pumps, engine and gear oil pumps are also offered by Lube Assist. This equipment is ideal for use in agricultural and transport sectors.

The rotary oil pumps from Lube Assist delivers twenty litres of lubricants per minute in both directions. The rotary oil pumps are available in two different forms. The SK 778 come with die cast aluminium body and the SB25 range of pumps come with cast iron body. These rotary oil pumps are ideal for use in under ground coalmines. These pumps come with an adjustable height bung adapter and bulk tanks. It is also used for pumping diesel fuel tanks.

The twenty-litre engine and gear oil pump offered by Lube Assist delivers 200 millilitres on the down stroke and it comes with reinforced wire that is 1.2 metres in size. This equipment features bung holster and non-drip tip for keeping the tip clean. Hi-flow rotary drum pumps are ideal for medium to high volume transfer purposes. It helps in offering hundred litres of oil per minute and it is ideal for low viscosity oils and pumping the diesel fuel.

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