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Transmission and gear oils for trucks from Lube Assist

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Lube Assist  offers different types of lubricants to trucks, tractors and construction sectors. The customers are offered with flexible and high performance solutions by Lube Assist. The lubricants from Lube Assist are ideal for all types of commercial applications.

The trucks are provided with lubricants including transmission oils, coolants, cleaners, gear oils, engine oils, hydraulics and greases. The transmission oils are available in various types including LA Trans DXIII, LA Agritrans 10W-30 to name a few. LA Trans DXIII is a quality fluid and it is blended for use in automatic transmissions. LA Trans DXIII is ideal for all types of general motors having four speed automatic transmissions.

The gear oils offered by Lube Assist include LA gear LS 90, LA gear HD 75 W or 90 GL-4 and so on. LA gear LS90 limited slip gear oil is ideal for top tier performance under high-pressure conditions. The sulphur phosphorous EP technology allows the gear oil to withstand super high load in-between the gear sets. These gear oils helps in improving the fuel economy and are ideal for seasonal oil changes. It also protects the gear in low and high-speed conditions.

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