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Lusitana horses and their breeders now represented in Australia

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article image The Lusitana breed of horses are relatively new to Australia

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In 2003 the Lusitano Horse Association of Australasia (LHAA) was formed with the intent of catering to Lusitana horses and horse breeders in Australia and New Zealand.

LHAA works in conjunction with its parent association in Portugal, the Assoçiacão Portuguesa de Criadores do Cavalo Puro Sangue Lusitano.

Since LHAA’s inception in 2003 interest in the Lusitana breed of horses has grown substantially, a trend that has much to do with the fact that the association imported its founding mares from Portugal around this time.

Several Lusitana stallions that were selected for their breed characteristics, talents and their ability to pass these onto their offspring are now in Australia.

This ensures the Lusitana breed of horses in Australia is pure, with excellent breeding traits.

LHAA manages the following:

  • The Lusitano Purebred Studbook – for horses with both parents registered in the Portugal or Brazilian association.
  • The Iberian Purebred Studbook – for horses comprised of 50% pure Lusitano and 50% pure Spanish blood.
  • The Lusitano Crossbred Register – for horses with one Lusitano parent.

The association is responsible for promoting the Lusitana breed of horses within Australia.

This is achieved through advertising, and by garnering as much publicity for the breed as possible, by entering them in competitions.

The horses are currently able to compete in dressage and agricultural shows, and this is set to grow as the Lusitana breed of horses becomes more well known in Australia.

The National Show for Lusitana horses is shared with the Ansdulasian Horse Association of Australasia, as the two have a close affiliation with one another.

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