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Cattle and sheep auction from M.D. & J.J. Anderson

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M.D. & J.J. Anderson  conducts stock auctions and offers rural property management services. M.D. & J.J. Anderson is a licensed station, stock agents and auctioneers. Stock sales are conducted by M.D. & J.J. Anderson every week by M.D. & J.J. Anderson. This stock sale is conducted at Goulburn saleyards. The stocks available for auction include fat cattle and fat sheep. Fat cattle are auctioned on Tuesdays and fat sheep are auctioned on Wednesdays.

In addition to stock sale, store sales are also carried out by M.D. & J.J. Anderson. The store sales are carried out every year in Crookwell and Goulburn. M.D. & J.J. Anderson arranges feedlot, paddock, over the hook and producer direct sales for all types of lambs, sheep and cattle. These auctions are carried out with help of experienced and trained professionals.

Clearing sales are conducted by M.D. & J.J. Anderson. Clearing sales include selling of general items, farm equipment and a wide range of antique piece. These clearing sales are conducted on regular basis at Crookwell region and the districts surrounding them.

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