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Cattle yard gates from M & M Stockyards and Steel Fabrication

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M & M Stockyards and Steel Fabrication  manufacture a range of different styles of cattle yard gates, with various hinges and catches.

The range of cattle yard gates includes:

  • Double Hinge Gates and Frames - Feature a unique hinging system that enables the gate to swing freely through the frame in both directions to practically 360 degrees. This hinging system on stock yard gats also lets the gate to lay flush, out of the way of stock and handlers.
  • Single Hinge Gates and Frames - Will open 90 degrees in both directions. Can be manufactured to swing one direction 180 degrees.
  • Chain Catch - 14mm round bar with a reinforced spacer system is used so the chain is secure but can be easily released. This catch is used on the majority of M & M stock yard gates as it is fast and it has no protruding parts. Gate with a chain catch can also be secured even if it is not quite shut.
  • Single Hinge Gates with Spring Slam Catches - Manufactured in a heavy duty frame that has corner bracing to ensure the slam catch is supported. Two different styles of slam catch gates are available so the positioning of the gate within a yard will dictate which gate is suitable.
  • Slide Gates - Fully reversible, these stock yard gates are manufactured using heavy duty materials with 115 x 42 rails in the gate. The gate has a pull shut mechanism so there is no reaching through the frame to shut the gate.
  • Double Hinge Lock Up Gates - This gate will swing through the frame or the operator can engage M & M's unique locking mechanism and convert the gate to hit up on either side of the frame. These gates are handy to have in a drafting situations.
  • 3 or 4 Way Drafting Gates - Can be included in the race section and are either 2 or 3 gates connected overhead. The gate hinges have tension adjustments to tighten the hinge to hold the gate in the desired position. The stock yard gates are hinged on a heavy-duty frame and come complete with two heavy-duty drop bolts. Each gate has a section of poly belting that will swing past the head of the beast in the crush.
  • Force Yard Reduction Gates - Manufactured in a heavy duty frame these gates have a spring slam catch that locks in two positions to reduce the size of the force yard.

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