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Agriflo irrigation flow metre from Mace

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Mace  offer electronic flow monitoring instruments. These are designed and manufactured by Mace to environmental, agricultural and industrial sectors. The products offered by Mace include Agriflo irrigation flow metres. The flow metres from Mace come with reliablility, durability and are high in performance.

The Agriflo irrigation flow metre designed by Mace are designed and manufactured for agricultural purposes. Agriflo designed by Mace is easy to install, use and maintain. Agriflo contains no moving parts and offers decreased obstruction to the flow. Agriflo series 3 range of irrigation flow metre is designed for field purposes and it is ideal for use by irrigation supply and irrigator sectors.

The Agriflo series 3 of irrigation system from Mace comes with a dual password system. The dual password system allows the irrigator to access the flow of data without help of the integrity of the metre. Agriflo is weatherproof and it is covered with polycarbonate cases. It features built-in data logger, data storage capacity, real time display of flow rate, vandal resistant and supports three Mace velocity sensors.

Agriflo is used for wide range of practical applications like metering water flowing through a road culvert, measuring flow in partially full pipes, farm wastewater, measuring flow in open channels, metering mobile irrigation systems.

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