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Doppler ultrasonic technologies from Mace

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Mace  specialise in designing and manufacturing electronic monitoring instrumentation products to agricultural, industrial and environmental customers. Mace are also known as Measuring and Control Equipment. The products offered by Mace include ultrasonic flow metres, controllers and data loggers. All these products are ideal for water, wastewater and irrigation requirements.

Mace have designed products that are highly advanced, durable and reliable. The flow metering technologies developed and utilised by Mace includes transit-time ultrasonic, electromechanical and Doppler ultrasonic. The Doppler ultrasonic instrument designed by Mace transmits sound wave into the flow. This sound wave is reflected with help of reflective particles like suspended solids and air bubbles. Then the instrument detects the frequencies of the reflected particles.

The velocity of the stream flow is directly proportional to the difference between transmitted frequency and the received frequency. The velocity of the stream flow varies depending on the cross of the pipe. The Doppler instrument manufactured by Mace reflects the frequency from those particles that move at various velocities. The average velocity of the stream flow is thus calculated by average frequency reflections obtained across the whole profile of stream.

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