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Portable electromechanical flow metres from Mace

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Mace  provide electronic monitoring instrument like HVFlo to agricultural, industrial and environmental sectors. The HVFlo manufactured by Mace is a portable waterproof logging flow metre. HVFlo is a high performance battery operated flow metre that provides flow-monitoring solutions for storm water, wastewater and industrial discharges. HVFlo features both level measurement and Doppler velocity sensors.

Superior results are obtained from HVFlo through a spectrum of signal processing system and are operated under different range of hydraulic conditions. The results obtained by HVFlo are accurate and repeatable. Long-term monitoring applications are carried out by optional telemetry interface. HVFlo portable waterproof logging flow metre from Mace is easy to handle and it is light in weight.

The HVFlo portable flow metre is available in both intrinsically and non-intrinsically safe models. HVFlo is ideal for various applications such as storm water monitoring, billing networks, sewer system capacity analysis, pump station monitoring, inflow and infiltration studies, industrial discharge monitoring and for long and short term sewer flow monitoring.

RotoFlo from Mace is an electromechanical flow metre that is fast and simple to install. RotoFlo features innovative rotor design, tamper proof mounting and reliable calibrations. RotoFlo is ideal for portable water metering, ground water metering and irrigation water metering and bore water metering purposes.

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