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Australian-made Sharmans press wheel assemblies offer competitive advantage

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MD & LA Sharman Pty Ltd (Sharmans)  offers one of the largest ranges of press wheel assemblies in Australia.
Sharmans’ press wheel assemblies are made from Australian steel with the U-bolts and springs sourced from Australian manufacturers. Both the tyres and hubs on Sharmans’ standard range are also manufactured in Australia.
The popular walking wheel assembly is designed to allow row spacing adjustment from 5½” to 14”, offering great advantage for farmers contemplating altering sowing rows or swapping machines.
Ideal for machines with a row spacing of 200mm or greater, the twin rocker has all the wheels in a single row with its rocker pivot maintaining constant pressure on each wheel.
Gang assemblies are still a popular option on lighter soils as they are economically priced, and have a simplistic design.
Sharmans’ integral hub wheel has been redesigned to incorporate a steel centre cast in the aluminium hub to carry the bearings. This allows a cast steel dust cap to be used, increasing durability.
Sharmans pioneered the use of deep groove bearings for the major pivot points, eliminating the traditional problem associated with pin and bush joints.
Sharmans is also using a bearing designed specifically for their press wheel application, which utilises the latest in bearing steel quality, double lip seal and superior grease to reduce maintenance.

Complementing the press wheel assemblies range is the Sharman coulter assembly, using a large 20” disc coulter to maximise wear life and minimise straw pinning. These are in pairs on axles custom made to suit the row spacing required. The axle is pre-set with a slight toe-in to produce a self-sharpening effect on the disc and give a more positive cutting action to stubble and vine. Tension can be easily adjusted using the coulter tool provided with each set.

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