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Insurance for home and content from MGA Insurance Brokers

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MGA Insurance Brokers  provide home and content insurance for families. For most families, home and content are major assets. Therefore, insuring them appropriately is very essential to avoid financial loss in the case of any unfortunate event.

As per a survey, it is estimated that nearly 31 percent of homes in Australia are uninsured and approximately, 43 percent of those insured are severely underinsured. MGA Insurance Brokers recommend a separate cover for those who work from home. MGA Insurance Brokers generally offer two levels of cover namely defined events cover and accidental damage or loss cover.

Defined events cover includes cover against storm, thunderbolt, lighting, fire, explosion, malicious acts, theft, earthquake, impact, riot or civil commotion, breakage of glass, spoilage of food due to refrigeration, impact by tree or car, leaking, bursting, overflowing or discharging of tanks, basins and pipes, and the fusion of electric motors. Accidental loss or damage cover provides all the covers that are noted under the defined events policy in addition to a cover for accidental loss or damage.

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