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Performance of MISU screens

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Screens from MISU  can be used for all kinds of earthmoving equipment. Using a MISU screening unit provides various benefits for operators, as these make use of quality mobile screening technology. MISU screens provide optimum productivity and multiply the usage of the equipment by its mobility and integration.

The spinning rotor system of MISU screening unit functions effectively on screening as well mixing of different materials. In landscape or nursery applications, MISU screens offer services such as screening of top soil, crash cleaning of rocks and screening hard materials into finer granules. For the green cycling process, the filtration system of the MISU screening unit filtrates the waste from the garden to mix with the mulches and soil conditioners. MISU screens can be used to crush lime and gypsum deposits.

The screening unit breaks down the salt deposits before the loading process and screens off the mudstone for levelling roads. For feedlot purposes, MISU screening units screen the manure for dispersal and freshening of cattle and chicken manure for reselling.

MISU screens can also be used for pipe back filling, lawn cemeteries and bark purposes.

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