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Screening attachments from MISU

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MISU  provide screening attachments for carrier machines. Screening units from MISU are designed to crush the soft rock materials such as gypsum, coal, etc. These are capable of screening high moisture materials. These screening systems, provided by MISU, can be attached to loader units, excavators and skid steers.

Every MISU screening unit is designed according to the kind of carrier unit it is to be attached with. The skid steer screening unit, designed by MISU, is exclusively used for skid steer machines, weighing more than 2000 kilograms. This unit runs on the MISU screening attachment hydraulic flow system, whereas the wheel loader units run on either the four in one system or the third hydraulic function system. The BH 60 model of MISU screening units can be used for small wheel loaders.

Depending on the hydraulic flow of the carrier unit and the material to be processed, the backhoe MISU screening unit can be selected. The MISU screening units for the excavator machines comes in six different models. The preference of the model is based on the tonnes of the carrier machines and flow capability.

MISU screening units extend within a range of 20 millimetres to 80 millimetres, with a standard spacing of 25, 32.5, 60 and 75 millimetres.

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