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Reap the benefits with ultrasound pregnancy testing from MJA Cattle Scan

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article image Pregnancy testing can be carried out practically anywhere with portable ultrasound scanning equipment that has its own power source and viewing goggles

MJA Cattle Scan offers specialist ultrasound pregnancy testing and explains the benefits of using this method over that of manual palpitation.  

Q. How early can pregnancy be tested for using ultrasound scanning?  

A. Pregnancy can be confirmed anywhere from 5 weeks through to 8 months.  Generally it is recommended to test 6 weeks after artificial breeding or bull removal.  

Q. What are the benefits of using ultrasound scanning?  

A. There are many benefits, such as:

  • early detection of pregnancy and twins for early decision making
  • identification of early and late calving females for easy segregation into calving groups
  • adds value to marketable livestock through identification of pregnancy in calf females (PSIC) and empty heifers for feedlot entry
  • accurate scheduling of dry off dates for milking cows
  • early detection of any herd fertility problems
  • accurate method of monitoring reproductive efficiency and acting on selection criteria for replacement breeders
  • helps to make calculated timely decisions about destocking and marketing  
Q. Why choose ultrasound scanning over manual palpation to?  

A. There are many reasons why routine scanning is becoming routine management practice for commercial beef, dairy and seed stock producers, including:

  • scanning technology that is portable, practical and cost effective
  • early pregnancy detection as early as 5 weeks after conception using real time visual images
  • ability to differentiate between early pregnancies from AI programs, and later conceptions from natural bull matings
  • identification of the calves sex from 60 to 80 days after conception
  • minimise stress to cattle with reduced handling of reproductive tract
  • the ability to identify and manage any abnormalities, uterine infections and other pathological problems from screen images
  • quicker and more cost effective establishment of large herd pregnancy status
  • reduce calving spread by identifying and replacing late calving cows with early conceiving replacement heifers  
Q. Can ultrasounds accurately detect the age of the foetus?  

A. Yes.  Due to the foetal position moving, the most accurate period for identification of foetal age is between 6 and 15 weeks.  

MJA Cattle Scan is based in Sydney and operates in both the New South Wales and Queensland areas.  For more information on its services visit the website.

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