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Presenting the New Macdon 974 FlexDraper – The World’s First Flexible Draper Header for Combines

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article image The world’s first Flexible draper header for combines from Macdon means improved productivity for soybeans

MacDon unveils world’s first flexible draper header for combines. New FlexDraper increases a combine’s productivity in soybeans. While many soybean producers have upgraded to today’s larger capacity combines, many are still harvesting with a 30' flex auger header (or less), simply because for most combines this is the widest flex header size available.

Use of a 30' header restricts the ability of most large combines to take full advantage of their larger harvesting capacity (larger combines can typically handle at least six more feet of cut crop as long it is fed smoothly into the combine’s threshing mechanism).

But now with the release of MacDon’s 974 FlexDraper, all this is going to change. Soybean producers can now mount a header up to 36' wide, representing a 20% increase in productivity if they moved up from a 30' header. Besides the increase in size, MacDon’s FlexDraper holds many advantages for producers over the traditional flex auger.

Most important is the FlexDraper’s improved crop feeding qualities over a flex auger header. Because the FlexDraper uses drapers rather than an auger to move the crop into the combine’s feeder house, crop flow is substantially smoother with less bunching or plugging. This allows the combine’s threshing mechanism to operate much more efficiently – a difference most operators can hear and feel.

More efficient threshing allows an increase in crop volume – thus an increase in header size without

reducing your ground speed. Soybean producers will also benefit from the FlexDraper’s ability to deliver a consistently cleaner cut.

This is made possible by MacDon's unique C-shaped cutterbar, the 974’s low guard profile and contoured poly skids; features that together allow an operator to cut as low as needed – even at ground level. Added to the FlexDraper’s reel’s ability to float with the sickle and gently lift the crop like a comb before cutting, and you have a header that cuts cleaner, especially in crop that is downed, lodged or tangled.

For most producers, that translates into improved crop recovery and fewer beans left in the field. As the world’s first flexible draper header for combines the 974 features a unique three-section frame that allows the header to follow ground contours in a balanced floating action. This is enhanced by a low-friction coil spring suspension system, which supports the weight of the header, and the 974’s Float Optimizer which allows the header to automatically adjust flotation to ground conditions, eliminating the need for the operator to make constant adjustments.

Although designed primarily for soybean harvesting, the FlexDraper is also suitable for harvesting almost any crop where terrain conditions demand a flexible header. The range of crops it can harvest includes cereals, canola, peas, lentils, grass seeds, mustard and many other specialty crops. It is available in 30' and 36' sizes.

The FlexDraper joins two other multi-use draper headers by MacDon, a world leader in draper technology: the 973 Harvest Header, designed for high capacity harvesting on large farms and commercial operations, and the 963 Harvest Header, the perfect solution for dryland farming. The 973 is available in 21', 25', 30', and 36' sizes, and the 963 in 30' and 36' sizes.

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