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Magnus Australia, located in Mount Pleasant, South Australia, Magnus are manufacturers of premium quality farm equipment


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10/03/10 - Magnus Australia now have a range of horse stables available which come complete with a shed, stable boxes, drinkers, hayracks, and feed bins.
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09/03/10 - Magnus Australia now have horse shelters available for installation on farms to protect horses from the harsh elements.
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08/03/10 - The Slashers are available in two designs; offset or centre mounted; both of which have a reversible straight blade and cut to within 25mm from ground level.
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05/03/10 - The Free Standing Drinkers are available in double or single sided versions, and are 450 x 450 mm wide with a capacity of 20 L.
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Magnus Australia (Head office) Update these details
Main Rd
Mount Pleasant
SA 5235
Tel: 08 8568 2666
Fax: 08 8568 2630

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Magnus Australia

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