Mahindra Australia News

Mahindra 4025 2WD tractors
28.02.2013 - 4025 40 HP Tractors from Mahindra are one of the heaviest and most rugged tractors in the category with an overall weight of approximately 1905 kgs.
Mahindra Australia release new 7060 4WD Cab tractor
12.04.2012 - The 7060 Cab tractor is the latest Mahindra 4WD tractor in the 60 series range.
New ML Series tractor loaders available from Mahindra Australia
24.02.2011 - Available from Mahindra Australia, the new ML Series tractor loaders are designed to fit Mahindra tractors.
Mahindra’s new 50 horsepower 5035 4WD Tractors
14.02.2011 - The launch of the 5035 4WD 50 horsepower compact tractors complement the recently released 4035 40 hp compact tractors in the 35 series range.
The Mahindra 3525-2WD 35 HP Tractor, available from Mahindra Australia
17.06.2009 - The Mahindra 3525-2WD 35 HP Tractor offers large capacity engine, heavy duty transmission and high lift capacity hydraulics
Mahindra Modern High Performance 7520 4WD Tractor
04.10.2006 - These new generation machines are a perfect blend of modern styling and high performance. The high standard of fit and finish includes a sloping hood and rounded fenders designed for all-round visibility.
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