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Poll merino rams from Malleetech

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Malleetech  specialise in breeding poll merino rams. Malleetech are members of Australian Merino Society and started breeding scheme in the year 1981. Malleetech started the breeding operations using sires through the process of artificial insemination from Seamour poll and Toland poll merino studs.

Malleetech have taken part in Merino Validation projects. This project was based on collecting information on clean fleece weight, body weight and wool fibre diameter. Malleetech selects the sheep based on seven percent dual purpose index value.

Different varieties of rams and sires were offered by Malleetech for sale. All these ram and sire from Malleetech were compared with Merino breed average of other studs. The rams and the sires offered by Malleetech were selected based on various traits like fleece weight, fibre diameter, staple strength, depth of the muscle, fat depth, reproduction, body weight and staple strength.

When compared to Merino breed average there were slight increase and moderate reduction in the genetic response of the rams and sire present at Malleetech. The rams and sires at Malleetech are maintained according to the industrial standards.

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