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Aluminium portable boat trailers, the lightest licensable boat trailers in Australia, from Mangrove Jack Marine

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Mangrove Jack Marine  design and manufacture aluminium portable boat trailers which weigh in at just 38kg, making them the lightest licensable boat trailers in Australia.

As these trailers are made form aluminium and are demountable, the heaviest single piece of the boat trailer weighs only 8kg. Users do not need to lift a heavy holding frame, as is the case with most boat trailers, which are folding and made from steel. With the Mangrove Jack Marine boat trailers, users simply pull the pins and it very quickly becomes a compact unit. The main drawbar concertinas to one piece for a smaller package.

Just because these aluminium boat trailers are the lightest portable boat trailer available does not jeopardise their strength. Two men can stand on the drawbar and as it is constructed from large box section aluminium, the trailer does not require track rods or braces for stiffening.

Aluminim portable boat trailers from Mangrove Jack Marien can be assembled in two minutes without the need for any tools and with di-assembly only taking one minute, the Mangrove Jack Marine aluminium boat trailer is convenient enough to store in the back of a vehicle for security while boating. No more ramp or trailer parking fees.

These boat trailers have an easy 'slip-on slip-off' the axle wheel/mudguard component providing quick, simple assembly and storage.

By removing the wheels, users can also eliminates the majority of weight from the alloy chassis, and then stow them separately. A wheel only weighs 8kg and is the heaviest piece to carry of the whole trailer.

These aluminium portable boat trailers will not tip up during loading, unless fitted with the optional rear extension, thus allowing for easy boat retrieval even if the trailer is not coupled to a vehicle. All rollers and side sliders are fully adjustable to various hull shapes.

The boat trailer comes standard with built-in front sliding drawbar extension, which makes reversing simple and provides more room between the back of the vehicle and the optional winch for a more comfortable operation. This feature is particularly useful when a spare wheel is mounted on the rear of the vehicle.

The Mangrove Jack Marine aluminium portable boat trailer conforms to the latest ADR regulations and uses high speed 6 ply tyres and approved alloy wheels with "Holden" stub axles and bearings, and marine seals are used with Castrol boating grease.

The chassis of the portable boat trailer is marine-grade aluminium with stainless steel bolts and SS nyloc nuts.

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