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Aquaculture Fertilisers

Manutec water soluble Aquaculture Fertilisers are highly effective in fostering growth of microalgae or phytoplankton in hatcheries and are based on F2 recipe. These fertilisers are available with or without silicate options, depending on requirement of diatoms growth. 

  • Micro Algae Food with Silicate – for abalone etc, which requires diatoms (based on F2 recipe)
  • Micro Algae Food without Silicate – for fish etc, which don’t require diatoms
  • ABASOL Soluble Fertiliser – general purpose soluble fertiliser

Water Soluble Fertilisers

  • Respond quickly with its nutrients and improves the growth and quality of phytoplankton
  • Nitrate Nitrogen in the product is completely water soluble fertilisers are easy to apply
  • Single application, no measuring of individual ingredients
  • Reduces time and cost of fertilising the ponds
  • Nutrition management solution in aquaculture is important to foster greater phytoplankton or micro algae production and increase the natural food base for aquatic animal production
  • Enhances diatoms growth with its fully soluble silicate content
  • Reduced feed consumption and increased growth rate
  • Reduced pond maintenance and improved profitability of production
These water soluble fertilisers consist of a range of nutrients necessary for increased and healthy growth of micro algae such as nitrogen, phosphorus, silicate, sodium, trace elements and vitamins. 
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