Boat Anchors for Small to Large Sized Boats from Manutec

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Boating Equipment- Reef Anchors, Sand Anchors, Anti-Snag Anchors

Manutec offers three main types of boat anchors which are all suitable for small to large sized boats.
  • Reef Anchors
  • Sand Anchors
  • Anti-Snag Anchors

Sand Anchors ideal for sandy or muddy conditions

    • These anchors work by burying in to the sand or mud and holding on securely
    • Sand anchors can fold down flat, so it is easy to stow on board a boat
    • Manutec has sand anchors from 3 lbs to 16 lbs, suitable for a variety of boat sizes

Reef Anchors are extremely efficient on rock, corals or wrecks

    • Reef anchors work by hooking on to underwater material rather than penetrating the bottom
    • Manutec’s reef anchors have 4 or 5 flexible prongs, depending on the boat size
    • Anchor prongs can be straightened when lifting the anchor out, once on board the prongs can be bent again to the best shape
    • The prongs can also be left straight for safer transport and easier storage

Anti-Snag Anchors have a slip ring design 
Allowing it to be easily retrieved backwards

    • Again these boat anchors are suitable for both sandy and muddy conditions
All Manutec boat anchors are hot dipped to protect them from the corrosive properties of the sea, guaranteeing a long life.

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