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Commercial fertilisers and soil conditioners from Manutec

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Manutec  provides marine parts, fertilisers, wheels and castors. The Manutec fertiliser division caters to retail and commercial customers, offering them a wide range of specialised garden and growing products. The fertiliser products are classified into commercial fertilisers and retail garden products. The commercial fertiliser products include aquaculture soluble fertilisers, granular fertilisers, liquid soil conditioners, organic fertilisers, soilpH test kits and tablet and spike fertilisers.

The Manutec No.4 fertiliser is soluble and formulated for use on ovals, bowling greens and lawns. The high amount of nitrogen and potassium present in this fertiliser enhances good establishment of healthy and green grass. The lawn fertiliser, offered by Manutec, is a specific fertiliser that comes with high level of nitrogen and  provides all types of essential nutrients required for the green growth of lawn grass.

The liquid organic soil conditioners range from Manutec includes the clay breaker concentrate. Available in a 20-litre pack, the clay breaker concentrate is ideal for the treatment of clay soil. Garden lime soil conditioners from Manutec are available in 25 kilogram packs and are ideal for increasing the pH of the soil. The Dolomite range of soil conditioners is ideal for treating acidic soils.

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