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Dual Wheel Easy Movers, Single Wheel Easy Movers

Caravan Attachments and Trailer Accessories
Manutec easy movers are designed for minimal effort and increased manoeuvrability. They can be either ratchet driven or cog driven depending on the model and can be used to move trailers, caravans or floats.

Features and Benefits of the Easy Movers
  • Manutec supplies dual wheel easy movers for two axel caravans and trailers are zinc coated to prevent rusting
  • The dual wheel easy movers are all cog driven and can lift up to a height of 225mm and a weight of 900kg
  • The dual wheel easy movers can come with a heavy duty clamp, normal clamp or no clamp and have pneumatic (inflatable) or solid wheels
  • The single wheel easy movers are for single axel trailers or caravans and are ratchet driven
  • These easy movers can lift up to 700kg to a height of 225mm
  • The wheels are either pneumatic or fixed solid wheels and the single wheel easy movers have a normal clamp, swivel clamp or no clamp depending on preference
Manutec's aasy movers make the job of moving trailers or caravans easy. These trailer and caravan parts are designed to last with traits depending on the type of caravan or trailer.
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