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Gauge wheels, extension arms, coulter assemblies from Manutec

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Manutec  offers agricultural components, marine parts, caravan parts, trailer parts, fertilisers and garden products. Manutec manufactures and distributes these products under three special divisions like trailer parts, agricultural components and fertiliser or garden products.

The Manutec agricultural components division at Manutec supplies zero till components to direct drill components to the agricultural dealers and farmers. The Manutec components are used to convert or refurbish drills, disc planters, combines and air seeders. The Manutec agricultural components include extension arm, press wheel accessories, press wheel tyres, gauge wheels, coulter assemblies.

The coulter assemblies are further classified into single and twin coulter assemblies. Single coulter assembly is available in various types. The single fluted disc can be placed under the mounting bar. The disc size is 18 inch to 20 inch and the disc type is fluted in shape. The extension arms from Manutec include fixed, quick release extension arms. The fixed extension arms come in diverse range of length such as 100 millimetres, 200 millimetres and 700 millimetres. Manutec provides two types of gauge wheels including HT hub and integral hub. The 15 IN powder coat gauge wheel come with axle solid bevel profile tyre.

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