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Hydroponic Water Soluble Fertilisers

Hydroponic Supplies
Manutec's Hydroponic Nutrient is a completely water soluble fertiliser specifically formulated and suitable for all types of Hydroponic systems and medium culture including:

  • Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) or solution culture
  • Vermiculite
  • Perlite
  • Rock Wool
  • Sand

Features and Benefits of the Hydroponic Nutrients

  • Completely water soluble fertiliser blends
  • Suitable for use in all types of Hydroponic culture
  • These crop fertilisers are two parts mix and contains all essential plant nutrients for healthy and optimum growth in soiless culture
  • These fertiliser products are suitable for all types of plants including flowers and vegetables growing under hydroponic systems

Hydroponic Nutrient Specifications

  • Two part mix: Part 1 Fertiliser, Part 2 Calcium Nitrate
  • Part 1 – 7.6% N – 3.1% P – 18.2% K
  • Part 2 – 19.1% N – 15.5% Ca
  • 500g pack  - (300g part 1 + 200g part 2)
  • 10 Kg bags – (6 kg part 1 + 4kg part 2)
  • Refer to the directions on the product label and use as required
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