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Organic Fertilising Products: Blood and Bone, Fish Emulsion Fertilisers, Sea Weed Extract and Pellets

Organic Liquid Fertilisers for Soil Management
Manutec has a range of organic commercial fertilisers and garden fertilisers. These horticultural fertilisers are produced using natural processes and they do not contain harsh chemicals.

Features and Benefits of Organic Fertilisers
  • Fish Emulsion Concentrate
    • Gentle and safe liquid organic fertiliser made from raw fish
    • Ideal for native plants that are sensitive to chemical fertilisers
    • Can be used on vegetables, fruit trees, flowering plants and lawns
  • Sea Weed Extract
    • Organic fertiliser made of concentrated sea kelp harvested from the Bass Strait
    • By releasing nutrients in the soil, this organic fertiliser stimulates plant growth and increases resistance to pest and disease
  • Blood and Bone
    • Slow release organic fertiliser
    • Suitable for use on all types of plants
    • By slowly releasing organic nitrogen and phosphorus in to the soil
    • A multi purpose fertiliser which can be used to condition soil lacking in nutrients, as well as for preparing garden beds and for use on established trees and shrubs
  • Organic Pellets
    • Easy to use
    • An all purpose organic fertiliser
    • Increases root and leaf growth by adding essential plant nutrients and trace elements
    • Improves plant health and root and leaf growth
Manutec organic fertilisers and plant nutrient products are ideal for all purpose fertilisation and reduce the need to apply increasing quantities of artificial fertiliser to maintain fertility.
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