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Trace Element Soluble Powder and Granules<br><br />Iron Chelate<br><br />Zinc and Manganese<br><br />Soil PH Test Kits<br><br />Sulphur<br><br />Lime<br><br />Dusting Sulphur<br><br />Wettable Sulphur

Plant Nutrients and Soil Nutrition Products
Manutec's range of corrective elements include various soil treatment products which are used to correct or overcome specific nutritional deficiencies in fruit and citrus, soil physical or chemical problems. These include:
  • Soil pH
  • Acidity
  • Alkalinity
  • Certain pests and diseases (eg. mites, powdery mildew in gardens)
Features and Benefits of Plant and Soil Nutrients
Manutec's trace element products are very effective in correcting specific or combination of deficiencies in plant nutrients which commonly occur in garden and horticulture plants.

  • Manutec's Soil pH test kit and corrective elements such as Sulphur and Lime products help to monitor and maintain optimum soil pH necessary for healthy growth of plants
  • The Wettable Sulphur and Dusting Sulphur products are safe pesticides to effectively prevent and overcome:
    • Powdery mildew
    • Rust
    • Scab and mites
Trace Element products include:  
  • Boron
  • Iron Chelate
  • Zinc and Manganese
  • Trace Elements Mix
  • Copper and Magnesium

Specifications of the Nutrition Management Products

  • Trace Elements Powder: 500g (MTO5006) and Granules 1.5kg (MBP0156)
  • Iron Chelate 250g: MTO0522 and Iron Sulphate MTO0523
  • Manutec Zinc and Manganese: 500g MTO0512
  • Copper Sulphate: MTO0533 and Boron MTO0544
  • Manutec Soil pH Test Kit: MTO8000
  • Manutec Sulphur Powder: 500g (MTO0555) and 3kg (MBP0308)
  • Manutec Garden Lime: MBP8180 and Dolomite 8kg MBP8280
  • Wettable Sulphur 400g: MTO0556 and Dusting Sulphur (MTO0557)
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