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Aluminium Sulphate Fertilisers, Potassium Fertilisers, Ammonia Fertilisers, Moss Killer, Lawn Food Fertilisers

Plant Nutrients and Crop Fertilisers
Manutec has a range of horticultural fertilisers that suit all types of plant nutrient deficiencies. These nutrient deficiency products include:
  • Aluminium sulphate for blue hydrangeas
  • Potassium for vegetable and flower crops
  • Ammonia for green plant growth
Benefits of the Special Fertilisers from Manutec
The blue colour in hydrangeas is due to the aluminium uptake by plants in acidic conditions. Therefore, special fertilisers are required to manage and correct soil acidity.

Alum-Aluminium Sulphate Fertilisers

  • Can be used to acidify the soil under hydrangeas whose flowers must be blue
  • The blue colour is induced by aluminium compound and aluminium ion will be taken up by plants only under acidic conditions

Potassium Fertilisers

  • Potassium is required in large amounts by vegetable crops, flower crops and crop bearing trees and crops
  • By adding potassium fertiliser, the colour and quality of flowers and fruits is improved, thus improving yield quantities and keeping cost down
  • The resistance to disease and pests is also increased
  • Potassium fertiliser has anti clogging properties to prevent clogging in drip irrigation systems

Ammonium Sulphate Fertilisers

  • Stimulates green growth in leaf crop, vegetables, lawns and flowering plants
  • Easy and economical to use
  • Provides nitrogen, an essential nutrient for plants with a high proportion of green leaves
  • With constant use Ammonium Sulphate will acidify soil

Moss Killers and Lawn Food Fertilisers

  • Manutec's moss killer and lawn food fertiliser controls moss and feeds lawns
  • Also encourages grass growth to rapidly fill in any bare patches left by dead moss
Manutec also has a range of special fertilisers that are plant specific and that can alter the PH levels of the soil. For more information on Manutec's range of gardening and horticultural fertilisers, visit the website.
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