Tyne Mounted Press Wheels for Agricultural Machinery from Manutec

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Tyne Mounted Press Wheels and Press Wheel Assemblies

Manutec’s tyne mounted press wheels are a simple way of adding press wheels to most machines. The tyne mounts can fit on the back of the existing tyne so they can be attached without toolbars and do not need free space. 

Fixed Tyne Mounts
  • Made to attach to curved tynes and can be adjusted by sliding the bracket up and down the tyne
  • Mounts are suitable for both single and double shooting
Adjustable Tyne Mounts
  • Suits both curved and straight tynes and edge on and flat on configurations making it highly versatile
  • Can be adjusted 3 ways and fit a variety of positions including in front of the machine wheels
  • Ideal for single shooting but double shooting is possible with standard tubes
Semi-Adjustable Tyne Mounts
  • Suits curved and flat tynes in edge on and flat on configurations
  • Can be adjusted 2 ways and also has an extendable throat making it ideal for single and double shooting
Machinery Wheels
  • Tyne mounts have an advantage of other types of assemblies in the accuracy and timing with which the wheel passes over the seed
Manutec’s tyne mounted wheel assembly products come with different tire types, such as semi pneumatic or solid and different wheel options. 

Manutec offer a large range of Press Wheels and Press Wheel assembly products to suit most airseeders, drills and combines. 
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