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pH correcting fetiliser available from Manutec

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Manutec  supplies a variety of fertilisers for use by commercial farmers, including agricultural sulphur coarse powder, which is a pH corrective fertiliser for the lowering of soil pH.  

Sulphur is essential for the healthy growth of plants, promoting the formation of chlorophyll.  It is also the most efficient and economical method of lowering the pH of soil, which is especially important for those plants that prefer highly acidic soils.  

The coarse sulphur powder fertiliser is recommended for use with soils with a pH level of 8.4 or less.  Soils with higher than 8.4 pH are likely to contain high levels of limestone and are not usually suitable for corrective pH treatment.  

Manutec recommends testing pH levels using a Manutec soil pH test kit in order to accurately determine the pH level to be achieved.   

To calculate the amount of sulphur fertiliser required to correct the soil pH levels it is important to know the soil type and number of units to be lowered.  To lower the top 10cm of 1 square metre of soil, the following amounts are required:  

  • sandy soil – 25-50 grams
  • loam soil – 50-80 grams
  • clay soil – 80-120 grams  
The pH correcting fertiliser should be applied evenly and worked into the top soil, avoiding any foliage, before watering well.  

The agricultural sulphur coarse powder is available in 25kg containers and is simple to order by visiting the Manutec website.

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